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The next generation of RolePlay Forum! Connect with your friends with full profiles, reactions, groups, badges, quests, ranks, credits and much more to come!

  • ShayLugia avatar ShayLugia Now the global chat "<#966022006992678952>" is released!
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  • ShayLugia avatar ShayLugia Pre-Release Globalchat this weekend シ︎
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    We have planned to advertise to fund our systems and develop the best for our users!
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    + Shop Announcement
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    + Coupon Codes
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    +More payment options
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  • Kilian avatar Kilian Do you want a pre-release of our BetterGlobal Bot?
  • Kilian avatar Kilian I'm really looking forward to BetterGlobal, you can easily connect with users from other discords.
  • ShayLugia avatar ShayLugia You can soon become a BETA tester on BetterRolePlay and test our systems earlier than others ✌️
  • ShayLugia avatar ShayLugia Announcements are now listed on the website.
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    It is now possible to log in with the Discord account.
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    Are you a developer (website/bot developer, FiveM script developer, 3d car/map maker, logo/car skin designer) and want to stand out from the crowd?

    Then apply now and get exclusive benefits!
  • ShayLugia avatar ShayLugia Today a new leak about `BetterProtection`!
  • ShayLugia avatar ShayLugia <@&967495057022259201>
    If you are looking for a good discord bot for moderation etc. feel free to check out Lambda!
  • ShayLugia avatar ShayLugia <@&967495057022259201>
    | UPDATE
    There are now 33 quests to do, you get coins (% for the shop) and badges when you complete them!
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    It is now possible to connect your twitch stream to our website.
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BetterRoleplay Community

The Best Way to Connect

With Your Friends!

We made sure that betterroleplay has everything you need to build an incredible community, and we also have ucoming features updates, so keep an eye out!.

Active Community

We attach great importance to an
active community, wich we

constantly maintain with new content!

Super Gamification!

We created a full gamification experience with badges, quests, credits and ranks to create an awesome experience!

Incredible Design

All pages are carefully crafted to fit all you may need!

Main Features

Incredible Community
Pages and Features!

The Forum has super complete profile pages with a sleek design, info boxes to show things like your gamification earnings or friends, and a slider for easier access. You’ll also find other community pages, like newsfeed, members and groups directory and more!.

You can also create public and private groups in order to find people that share your same interests! We also created an account hub so you can easily manage lots of stuff, like groups creation, groups management, avatar and cover upload, main profile info, email settings and much more!

Main Features

Connect with People
In the Forums!

In our forum you can start various topics of conversation. Promote your projects or find stuff.
You can easily display created forums or activities in your profile.


We also offer you the possibility to create groups that are publicly accessible, but you can also make them private so that people can only enter with an invitation.

Main Features

Incredible Front-End
Account Hub!

Once users are logged in. when they click the little cogwheel at the top right corner, they will be able to access all the author hub sections! In here they will be able to change profile and account info, like avatar and cover, email settings, password, social networks and much more!!


You’ll also find a groups dedicated section where you’ll be able to manage and create groups, check and promote members (to for example, mods and admins) send invitations and manage the private groups requests!

RolePlay Community


Read here about all the cool features and sections that community includes!

Super complete profiles, incredible gamification system, friendly forums and much more social stuff!

Awesome Community

An incredible community with super full profiles, social links, gamification items and much more!

Gamification System

An incredible gamification system with badges, quests, ranks and credits to earn and unlock!

Friendly Forums

Easy to navigate and post forums! Create your own discussion to talk with other people!

Super Author Hub

A complete author hub with profile settings, info, email preferences, group management and more!

Dark/Light Presets

You have a switch to change between light and dark versions that the admin can customize!

Private Groups

You can easily create private groups from your author hub! Just go to the manage groups section!

BetterRoleplay Community

Asked Questions

We know that some of you may have lots of questions about the community, how it works, and what you can and cannot do, so here’s a recopilation of the most common questions we get asked.


If you have any further questions, just join our Discord.

Go to Register and fill out everything that is asked of you. 
When you have filled out everything you will receive an e-mail that you have to convirm.

Yes, anyone can create an account for free.

Yes, you can invite friends.
We are very grateful if you help us to grow the community.

We accept donations via Paypal, if you would like to donate otherwise open a ticket on our Discord.